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Urbiquity Urban Lab ’18 – Residency Program in Milan

Urbiquity, a platform for urbanism and specialized in creating workshops and residencies in cities all over Europe, is now organizing their fourth residency program taking place in Milan from June 4 till 10.

Urbiquity Urban Lab 2018

Urbiquity Urban Lab 2018 in Milan © Urbiquity - / #allcitiesarebeautifulThis year’s visual urbanism residency will be based in ASSAB ONE, a major cultural non-profit organization founded by Elena Quarestani, which provides artists with a nonconventional environment for research and expression. The residency program is aimed at anyone working around urban themes; photographers, artists, architects, sociologists, students etc. are cordially invited to apply and take part. As stated by Mattias Malk, one of Urbiquity’s founders „it is an intensive but rewarding and challenging week“ of walks, talks, practice, and theory, and will be carried out during the 7 days of the Milan Photo Week 2018, culminating in the exhibition of works produced during the residency.

Exploring, experimenting, and exhibiting in Milan

Urbiquity Urban Lab 2018 in Milan © Urbiquity - / #allcitiesarebeautifulUnder the topic of „In Transit“, the Lab will focus on the area of Via Padova and its surroundings – a multi-ethnic neighborhood that is both the medium and the recipient of a variety of social and urban transitions.

The week-long Urban lab offers a program with local and foreign urban experts and group discussions, with the goal of gaining a deeper understanding of the current changes in the area. Attendees will be part of a multi-disciplinary team to discuss, learn and produce a body of work throughout the week.

In Transit, the central theme of this year’s Urban Lab refers to the movement of a person, item or place as in physical displacement or relocation. It can, however, also relate to the action of passing through and across space. As such it describes both, transition as well as arrival, and is key to understanding the ebbs and flows that constitute modern cities.

Urbiquity Urban Lab 2018 in Milan © Urbiquity - / #allcitiesarebeautiful

Investigating the omnipresence of urbanism

Urbiquity, a composition originated in mixing up ubiquity – a synonym for omnipresence – and urbanism – the study of how inhabitants of urban areas, such as towns and cities, interact with the built environment, is a platform for creative and critical urbanism founded by the three friends and photographers Mattias Malk – Estonian urbanist and guest lecturer at the Estonian Academy of Arts – Stefano Carnelli – architect and urban planner of Italian descent – and Pablo Conejo – urban researcher from Spain with a background in media studies, who met during their Master of Arts in Urban Sociology at the Goldsmiths University of London. Using visual methods alongside text and materiality, their aim is to investigate sociality in the built environment and generate new knowledge of the ways we inhabit increasingly multilayered, contextual and connected global localities.

Their approach and your application

Urbiquity Urban Lab 2018 in Milan © Urbiquity - / #allcitiesarebeautifulMattias, Stefano, and Pablo define their approach as international and interdisciplinary, bringing together perspectives from visual artists, urbanists, sociologists, anthropologists and architects from different cultures and societies. They organize urban residencies in different cities creating synergies between local and foreign actors with the goal to produce enriched new insights by researching and improving the interaction with the urban environment. Urbiquity is based in three locations – London, Madrid, and Tallinn – but operates internationally.

If you’re interested in participating, feel free to apply through their website → here.

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