© Jean Christophe Couet • New York City
© Jean Christophe Couet • New York City

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You want to be featured on #allcitiesarebeautiful and introduce your project, book, and/ or magazine, to a wider audience? Feel free to submit 12 to 15 images in 1110px width ( both, portrait and landscape ),  300dpi, sRGB,  jpeg, without borders or watermarks to submit [at] allcitiesarebeautiful.com, using “submit, your name” as subject, alongside a short bio, an artist statement, and your online portfolio and social links. Please format the name of your images as following: firstname-lastname-city-country-01.jpgYou’ll hear back within 2 weeks.

Important: Size your images correctly (!) otherwise your Submission will not be considered. Thank you!

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