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Safelight Berlin • MacGyver, Cameras, and Truffels?


An exciting new project occurred in the analog photography hemisphere: Safelight Berlin! Founded in April 2017 by the two friends and fellow photographers, Chris Morgan and Alessandro Iotti, this online store is specialized in selling analog cameras and accessories. Let’s unravel the mysterious connection between MacGyver’s missing son, a truffle dog, and this particular online store • by Alexandre Kurek

The Cosina made Voigtländer Bessa-R, sold with it's original box via the Safelight Berlin online store - #allcitiesarebeautifulWhen it comes to buying a ‘new’ analog camera, I can’t pressure people more to not just buy it on eBay and hope for the best, but instead, to rather buy it from a local store who usually provides their customers with a great service and deep knowledge about their inventory. Fair enough, most of us don’t have the comfort of having access to such a store, let alone someone who’s competent enough, to not just sell broken, or not properly functioning, 30 year old analog cameras. How convenient that – through word of mouth from friends within the Berlin analog photography scene – it has come to my attention, that two fellow photographers, and members of the Foto Klub Kollektiv (FKK), recently launched the online camera store Safelight Berlin, in order to provide analog photography enthusiasts from all over the world, with not only thoroughly tested, refurbished cameras and gear, but with all sorts of fitting accessories as well.

Since I’m a huge fan of such exciting endeavors like Safelight Berlin definitely is one of, I decided to introduce and support them through #allcitiesarebeautiful, in hopes of getting their name out. I contacted Chris and Alessandro and asked for a little statement:

On Safelight Berlin

The project started on Chris’s initiative and given that we have common interests we joined forces trying to create something that was missing in Berlin, a point of reference for the new wave demand for analog cameras. If I had to describe who we are and what we do, I would say that Chris is without doubt the missing son of MacGyver, always a step ahead in techniques, specifications and hacking, ready to find a solution to put back to life our cameras and to give a technical support/opinion to our customers. Me? I guess I’m more the truffle dog, and for truffles I mean customers and cameras. I take care of various social media accounts, keeping relationships with partners and customers and check what the latest news are and what could be the next big thing. 

The Ricoh GR1, sold via the online camera store Safelight Berlin - #allcitiesarebeautifulFrom this combination comes the idea of giving a product that is tested, controlled and eventually repaired (small repairs, nothing transcendental) and that makes newcomers as well as experienced photographers happy as it intends, with reasonable prices. In addition to this we also try to give a place to amateur and emerging photographers, promoting zines, projects and collaborating with the photography industry. Besides, whenever we have a scheduled event, we provide exhibition space and we also offer our cameras to those who want to test them for us. In conclusion we can say that our aim is not only to sell a product, we want to create a network of passionate people who have our own interests by helping each other making analogue photography and the world surrounding reachable to more people possible.

I’d highly suggest that you check out the online store of Safelight Berlin, as well as their Instagram & Facebook!

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