Round-Up #4 • 20180416

Gale, Sri Lanka © Anton Mishin - / #allcitiesarebeautiful

Anton Mishin – Gale, Sri Lanka

My name is Anton. I am visual designer, based in Moscow. I love to explore visual aesthetic (geometry, dynamic, shapes, colors etc.) in combination with street lifestyle. The photo was taken in Sri Lanka. Country of Contrasts. I was on a rooftop, i saw locals playing and i just fell in love with lines and composition. I shot this photo in Black&White to highlight the brown, sunburnt locals in their white outfits.

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Lleida, Spain © Antoni Benavente - / #allcitiesarebeautiful

Antoni Benavente – Lleida, Spain

This image titled “noon” was taken throughout my photographic wanderings in my hometown: Lleida. I often go out to take pictures during the central hours of the day for my ongoing photo project “Lleida Diary” which evokes the life of its streets. On one of these walks I passed near this old building, I was struck by the set of windows reflected in its facade with an intense sunlight. These are many of the seemingly unimportant moments – timeless and magical – which arise on the street that I’m particularly interested in capturing.

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New York City, New York © James Morris - / #allcitiesarebeautiful

James Morris – New York City, New York

I work as a design director in New York City. My graphics background has trained my eye to obsessively find structure in the world: grids and geometry, the strong stillness in the city. And I have always taken photographs that are driven by composition. But lately I’ve become somewhat compulsive toward candid and street photography, which runs totally counter to these instincts.

Street shooting has made this city fun again for me. I have lived here long enough that I began to find the mad mash of the crowd more taxing than thrilling. Anybody is everybody, and everybody is competing for your space, your air, your subway seat, your $5 dollar donut. But with a camera at hand, I again feel the great unpredictable thrust of New York the way I did when I first moved here years ago. I find myself scouring the crowd, locking eyes with its faces, its motley postures and gestures, trying to anticipate a moment. New Yorkers are wonderfully self-staging. It’s still a city full of muscular expressions. This doorman’s very resolute face jumped at me from behind the glass of a hotel in midtown the other morning. I circled back, found some light and fired a few shots from my hip. It was only later when I off-loaded the images that I noticed the on-the-nose signage.

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London © James Skyes - / #allcitiesarebeautiful

James Sykes – London, United Kingdom

I’ve been taking photographs for as long as I can remember and ‘the city’ has been the subject I have obssessively photographed throughout that time. The subject and the medium have an incredibly powerful relationship for me. My practice is documentary in nature and explores the themes of topography, autobiography and metaphor. This image was made earlier this year as part of a series called ‘Days of Future Passed‘, the series attempts to catalogue London and produce beautiful photographs of often mundane subjects.

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Brooklyn, New York © Jon Stars - / #allcitiesarebeautiful

Jon Stars – Brooklyn, New York

My name is Jon Stars. I am an American photographer living in Brooklyn, NY, and the owner of a Boston Terrier named Bruce (pictured above). I shot this photograph around the corner from my apartment while training Bruce how to walk on a leash. He always stops to see his own reflection, so I had a second to pull out my Contax G2 and make this frame. There was something about the “Siamese Connection” sign and his reflection that jumped out at me, along with that strong shadow. I like that there are a few ways to interpret the photo.

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Southbank, London © Tim Hill - / #allcitiesarebeautiful

Timothy Hill – Southbank, London

I’m Tim Hill, I’m a professional photographer working in fashion and portraiture as one half of @hillandaubrey. Academically I completed a degree in photography at the Surrey Institute of Art and Design (now part of the university for the creative arts). I have been working in the photography industry for about 10 years, first assisting then around 4 years ago starting to shoot.

One of my favourite things is to be in a new place with my camera not knowing what I might see that day. I think there are photos waiting to be captured all over the world. I primarily use Instagram as a collection of the ones I’ve found so far.

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