• FROM ROOF TO TABLE © Rob Stephenson - A photo essay documenting New York City's Urban Agriculture movement. This project was made possible thanks to the Design Trust for Public Space and their Photo Urbanism Fellowship - allcitiesarebeautiful.com / #allcitiesarebeautiful

    Rob Stephenson • From Roof to Table

    From Roof to Table was the final result of a year long project documenting New York City’s urban agriculture movement, by Brooklyn based photographer Rob Stephenson, in cooperation with the Design Trust for Public Space NYC. His work focuses on the transitioning spaces in the city, places that juxtapose past and future, or nature and civilization.

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  • Palermo, Italy © Luca Savettiere - allcitiesarebeautiful.com / #allcitiesarebeautiful

    Luca Savettiere • Palermo

    Following a recurring theme in his work, Luca Savettiere approaches his surroundings in a way to find specific elements in the urban landscape that deeply connect the man to the environment in wich he lives. His photographic analysis tries to relate man, geographic territory and what on the territory was added by man.

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  • The Sofas of L.A. - © Andrew Ward - allcitiesarebeautiful.com / #allcitiesarebeautiful

    Andrew Ward • Sofas of L.A.

    1.200 pieces, 6 years of constantly seeking and photographing abandoned and cast-off furniture in Los Angeles: Sofas of L.A. – the culmination of a gigantic, still ongoing project by Andrew Ward – depicts beautifully rugged sofas which seamlessly blend in in their new and unintended surrounding, the streets of Los Angeles.

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  • New York City © Adam Friedberg / Single Story - allcitiesarebeautiful.com / #allcitiesarebeautiful

    Adam Friedberg • New York City

    The last fifteen years have seen an enormous increase in the development and construction of new buildings in New York City, especially in downtown Manhattan’s East Village, Alphabet City, Lower East Side, and the Bowery neighborhoods. Adam Friedberg, having learned under renowned photographer Joel Sternfeld, documents the developing architectural landscape culminating in his long term project “Single Story”.

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  • © Ralph Steinegger - Singapore, Malaysia, China, Tibet - allcitiesarebeautiful / #allcitiesarebeautiful

    Ralph Steinegger • Singapore

    Having left Switzerland at a young age to discover the far ends of the world, the explorer, discoverer, and almost cartographer, Ralph Steinegger, now based in Singapore, is utterly drawn towards the fascinating aesthetics of urban spaces, in particular of the fast-growing cities in the developing world.

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  • Brighton © Warren Sebastian - allcitiesarebeautiful.com / #allcitiesarebeautiful

    Warren Sebastian • Brighton

    Beautifully composed, touching photographs documenting Brighton’s youth and life in general: British construction & landscaping worker Warren Sebastian allows us a unique, poetic and truly emotional view on what it means to live in this coastal city.

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  • Los Angeles, California © Mike Murphy - allcitiesarebeautiful.com / #allcitiesarebeautiful

    Mike Murphy • Los Angeles

    What do you get when you attach an iPhone to the passenger side window of your car, put it in panorama mode, and mix it up with a selfie stick used as a remote shutter? Mike Murphy’s exceptional and surrealistic depiction of the greater Los Angeles area shows it best. Explore L.A. in a way you most likely haven’t before!

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  • © Adam Bellefeuil - #allcitiesarebeautiful / allcitiesarebeautiful.com

    Adam Bellefeuil • Raleigh

    From “bad travel pictures” to beautiful 6×7 medium format black and white photographs documenting rural North Carolina: Adam Bellefeuil is a prime example of what love, interest, and dedication can lead to in photography. Read his interview and enjoy exploring Adam’s surroundings through his lens.

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  • Los Angeles, California © Matt Lawrence - allcitiesarebeautiful.com / #allcitiesarebeautiful

    Matt Lawrence • Los Angeles

    How childhood experiences can determine your adulthood: As a child, L.A. based photographer Matt Lawrence had his first experiences in photography by pretending that his toys were actual cameras. Today he can hardly recall a single day in recent years where he didn’t shoot or edit at least one image. Read in his interview how things came to be!

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  • Sketches from my travel through China; from Beijing, to Inner Mongolia to Ghansu province © Antony Sojka - #allcitiesarebeautiful / allcitiesarebeautiful.com

    Antony Sojka • Beijing

    Having been invited to a friend’s wedding in Inner Mongolia, Berlin based documentary photographer Antony Sojka, took this as a chance to take some time off to travel through China accompanied by his partner; and to document their journey in search of interesting places and people. He shot beautiful photographs of which a small selection is shown in his Interview.

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  • Williams Lake, BC Camera: Mamiya 645 | Film: Kodak Portra 160 - © Casey Bennett - #allcitiesarebeautiful / allcitiesarebeautiful.com

    Casey Bennett • Williams Lake

    Photography as a way of getting out of the comfort zone: For Casey Bennett, based in Williams Lake, British Columbia, photography is a way to confront the world around him and face certain fears like approaching people; as a deeply introvert, not an easy job to do, but Casey constantly keeps pushing himself to go out and produce beautiful works.

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  • Perfect Day © Txema Salvans - #allcitiesarebeautiful / allcitiesarebeautiful.com

    Txema Salvans • Perfect Day

    Feeling comfortable speaking about things he can understand is the reason why Txema Salvans takes photos of his own culture, people, and landscapes; he has to have a physical connection with the landscapes and an emotional one with the people. In his series Perfect Day, Txema explores the theme of happiness along the Mediterranean coast.

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