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  • Morocco – The poetic nature of chaos

    Morocco is well known for those extremely narrow streets in it’s cities. Plenty of people rushing through, music playing in every corner, all sorts of smells and noises, snippets of chats in Arabic, French, English, Chinese, German, you name it; it can be really stressful at times. It took me quite a while to get used to it since I’m more…

  • Intuition – What it is and why you should follow it

    Intuition is that inner voice of yours that tells you, go for it. It’s your curiosity and the excitement for the unknown that leads you. Let it lead you!

  • Public transportation – Why you should use it

    The first thing I do, when I arrive to a new place, after getting rid of my luggage of course, is to take a ride with public transportation. It really helps me to get a better picture of the place I’m staying at

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