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  • Berlin ✈︎ Sarajevo

    It’s funny how long it took me to actually start writing something that was initially intended just a short update on my current personal state. Although I would consider myself a heavy thinker and my own biggest critic, writing in public about myself rather than about a project or ideas, however, hasn’t really been my favorite thing to do. Was…

  • #allcitiesarebeautiful x Grryo

    #allcitiesarebeautiful x Grryo

    As of today I am now a contributing editor at Grryo and will be publishing future articles revolving around photography over there too. I’ve already published an updated version of “Washing up a melancholic truth”, feel invited to head over there and read it – if you didn’t already, and let me know your thoughts. Thanx a lot to Simran…

  • RUSSIANS • © Rats Eyes

    RUSSIANS • Photographs by Rats Eyes

    My friend and fellow Photographer Tony Klein, aka. Rats Eyes, published his second Zine called RUSSIANS, a self printed collection of photos he shot over the course of one week, during his stay in Moscow and St. Petersburg in mid 2017. Out of 10 rolls of self developed Ilford HP5s, he scanned and layouted his newest publication – the title, a…

  • In Hindsight: On mobile photography

    It’s been more than eight months since I’ve been to Morocco and rediscovered photography in the form of mobile photography. What once started out by accident, slowly but steady became a new habit and developed into a new and very exciting way of exploring, expressing and journaling.

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  • Instagram Live Video #1 - Introduction

    Instagram Live Video #1 – Introduction

    Well, that was fun! Thank you so much for tuning in, listening, and asking your questions, I had a great time talking to you, and I’m going to do another Instagram Live Video on website launch day November 1. This time, however, I’ll save (!) and upload it to YouTube for further watchings. Instagram Live Vide #2: After Briefly introducing…

  • Postcards Giveaway

    Postcards Giveaway

    The first set of postcards just arrived and I’m giving away 15 of them. To receive one, simply follow #allcitiesarebeautiful on Instagram, like and comment my last post over there and I’ll reach out to you! First come, first serve. Good Luck and have fun with it!

  • Interview on (DE) - #allcitiesarebeautiful /

    Interview on (DE)

    The german fotoMagazin just released an interview about me, my photography and the images I shot in Morocco for #allcitiesarebeautiful. Thank you for that! Click here to read the full story!

  • Fez, Morocco for Smart Shot Magazine / fotoMagazin - © Alexandre Kurek, #allcitiesarebeautiful /

    #allcitiesarebeautiful inside Smart Shot Magazine (DE)

    One of my Morocco images found its way into the very first issue of Smart Shot Magazine – a newly published magazine dedicated to smartphone photography done by fotoMagazin. Go and grab a copy, but it’s in german tho, otherwise enjoy looking at all those pretty pictures.

  • Screenshot of, showing the essay "Mobile Photography - Why i started using my iPhone" by Alexandre Kurek - #allcitiesarebeautiful

    Kwerfeldein published my new essay (DE)

    I published the german version of “Mobile Photography – Why i started using my iPhone” on Kwerfeldein is a great source for photography and i would recommend you to check it out by clicking here – but, the whole site is in german.

  • Mobile Photography – Why I started using my iPhone

    Well, there is a pretty simple and reasonable explanation to this: I started shooting with my iPhone because I’m lazy! But don’t get me wrong I mean lazy in a practical way. I just grew tired of having to carry my heavy and bulky camera around with me all the time, trying hard to not look like a photographer, only…

  • A rainy day in Marrakech - Essay © Alexandre Kurek - A black and white image of a palm on a square in Marrakech, Morocco - © Alexandre Kurek -

    Washing up a melancholic Truth – A rainy day in Marrakech

    It was almost as if the rain had washed away any traces of an identity we – the tourists, travelers, photographers, writers – gave Marrakech over the years. and had now revealed a much more accurate truth of a city usually depicted as way more colorful and exciting than it really is.

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