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  • Fez, Morocco for Smart Shot Magazine / fotoMagazin - © Alexandre Kurek, #allcitiesarebeautiful /

    #allcitiesarebeautiful inside Smart Shot Magazine (DE)

    One of my Morocco images found its way into the very first issue of Smart Shot Magazine – a newly published magazine dedicated to smartphone photography done by fotoMagazin. Go and grab a copy, but it’s in german tho, otherwise enjoy looking at all those pretty pictures.

  • Screenshot of, showing the essay "Mobile Photography - Why i started using my iPhone" by Alexandre Kurek - #allcitiesarebeautiful

    Kwerfeldein published my new essay (DE)

    I published the german version of “Mobile Photography – Why i started using my iPhone” on Kwerfeldein is a great source for photography and i would recommend you to check it out by clicking here – but, the whole site is in german.

  • Mobile Photography – Why I started using my iPhone

    Well, there is a pretty simple and reasonable explanation to this: I started shooting with my iPhone because I’m lazy! But don’t get me wrong I mean lazy in a practical way. I just grew tired of having to carry my heavy and bulky camera around with me all the time, trying hard to not look like a photographer, only…

  • A rainy day in Marrakech - Essay © Alexandre Kurek - A black and white image of a palm on a square in Marrakech, Morocco - © Alexandre Kurek -

    Washing up a melancholic Truth – A rainy day in Marrakech

    It was almost as if the rain had washed away any traces of an identity we – the tourists, travelers, photographers, writers – gave Marrakech over the years. and had now revealed a much more accurate truth of a city usually depicted as way more colorful and exciting than it really is.

  • A photo of a piece by the french street artist Christian Guémy, aka C215, on a wooden door in Marrakech

    C215 – Street Art in Marrakech

    This piece of art – amongst several others publicly exhibited – is the work of French street artist Christian Guémy who goes under the pseudonym of C215. Guémy has been described as being akin in style and popularity to British street artist ‘Banksy’ and his stencil art murals can be seen worldwide, from Marrakech to New York. Guémy’s technique is…

  • Muezza the Cat - A black and white picture of cats on sandbags in an alley in Essaouira, Morocco - #allcitiesarebeautiful

    Muhammad and Muezza the Cat

    If there is one constant when traveling through Morocco, it’s definitely the sighting of cats. Roaming almost every street in the country, and dotted around in some of the most unlikely places, cats are absolutely everywhere. For a foreigner, it may seem that the dense population of street or stray cats is a huge problem in Morocco, but it’s not…

  • Morocco – The poetic nature of chaos

    Morocco is well known for those extremely narrow streets in it’s cities. Plenty of people rushing through, music playing in every corner, all sorts of smells and noises, snippets of chats in Arabic, French, English, Chinese, German, you name it; it can be really stressful at times. It took me quite a while to get used to it since I’m more…

  • Intuition – What it is and why you should follow it

    Intuition is that inner voice of yours that tells you, go for it. It’s your curiosity and the excitement for the unknown that leads you. Let it lead you!

  • Public transportation – Why you should use it

    The first thing I do, when I arrive to a new place, after getting rid of my luggage of course, is to take a ride with public transportation. It really helps me to get a better picture of the place I’m staying at

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