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  • © Tom Westbury / Southampton - UK / #allcitiesarebeautiful /

    Tom Westbury • Southampton

    UK based photographer Tom Westbury sees photographs simultaneously as documents of the ‘real world’ and something altogether more surreal. For him, the camera is just a tool to frame and compose the world and separate slices of it. This concept is expertly implemented and carried out throughout all of his works.

  • Kwasi Boyd-Bouldin • Los Angeles

    Los Angeles based documentary photographer Kwasi Boyd-Bouldin – interested in documenting social issues and vanishing L.A. neighborhoods – shares some details about his life and current photographic projects he’s deliberately working on. See a selection of his work and read the full interview.

  • Part of the series "Japanese Short Stories" shot between Hiroshima & Tokyo, by french photographer Fabrice Hébert - #allcitiesarebeautiful /

    Fabrice Hébert • Hiroshima & Tokyo

    Documenting places between Hiroshima and Tokyo, French photographer Fabrice Hébert perfectly captures a strangely beautiful atmosphere within these Japanese cities, creating a whole new narrative emphasizing his poetic vision by combining his photographs with short captions. Click below and find a selection of images, his interview, and links to his full body of work.

  • London - Carles Puig, Barcelona - #allcitiesarebeautiful

    Carles Puig • Barcelona

    Architect and photographer Carles Puig, giving classes in both architecture and design in Barcelona, is not interested in photography as a mere reiteration of architectural discourse, but as a medium that allows us to discover new interpretations of urban and architectural reality. Discover his works, and learn more about him and his projects.

  • A photograph showing colorful clouds, taken on a flight to Morocco by Alexandre Kurek for the allcitiesarebeautiful Spotify playlist

    Tune in: #allcitiesarebeautiful on Spotify 💯

    What’s better than a long awaited journey to a fantastic place? A long awaited journey to a fantastic place, accompanied by fantastic music! Here’s a WIP playlist to listen to while on an airplane, train, boat, or in a car; during the day, and at night; wherever you want, whenever you want!

  • This picture of spanish amateur photographer Anna Tratiug, shows a huge high-rise building in Empúriabrava, a community in the municipality of Castelló d'Empúries, Spain - © Anna Tratiug, #allcitiesarebeautiful /

    Anna Tratiug • Empúriabrava / Spain

    Inspired by “New Topographics” photographers such as Robert Adams and Stephen Shore, Anna Tratiug captured this amazingly huge construction in Empúriabrava, a community in the municipality of Castelló d’Empúries, Spain.

  • New York City, New York, by photographer Jean Christophe Couet - #allcitiesarebeautiful

    Jean Christophe Couet • New York City

    In his wonderfully eerie, almost dreamlike photographs of New York City, photographer Jean Christophe Couet perfectly captured a sense of displacement, anonymity, and loneliness, often associated with behemoths of cities like NYC.

  • Safelight Berlin, Online Store for analog cameras and accessories, based in Berlin ( Nikon FE2 ) - #allcitiesarebeautiful

    Safelight Berlin • MacGyver, Cameras, and Truffels?

    An exciting new project occurred in the analog photography hemisphere: Founded in April 2017, the online store Safelight Berlin is specialized in selling analog cameras and accessories. Click the “Read more” button and unravel the mysterious connection between MacGyver’s missing son, a truffle dog, and this particular online store!

  • Michael Neale from Auckland, New Zealand, shooting industrial landscapes in Portland, Oregon - #allcitiesarebeautiful

    Michael Neale • Portland / Oregon

    Travelling through the U.S. and Canada earlier this year, Michael Neale, a film photographer from Auckland, New Zealand, found himself shooting industrial landscapes in Portland.

  • The Lyublino district in Moscow, Russia. Photographed by Daria Sataeva in 2016 - #allcitiesarebeautiful

    Dinara Sataeva • Lyublino / Moscow

    Working in the suburban Lyublino district in Moscow, Turkmenistan born Dinara Sataeva, captured this great composition with her iPhone. Click below to see the image in a bigger size and to read more about her.

  • A black and white photograph of the Spanish Steps, by the Photographer Laura Pierangeli, Rome, Italy - #allcitiesarebeautiful

    Laura Pierangeli • Rome

    Native Italian Laura Pierangeli, captured a beautifully composed black and white scene at the Scalinata di Trinità dei Monti, the Spanish Steps, in her hometown of Rome.

  • A reflection in a window of a woman's face on a billboard - Photograph by Ludovic Broquereau - Paris, France

    Ludovic Broquereau • Lyon

    French mobile photographer Ludovic Broquereau, shoots beautifully composed images solely with his iPhone SE. His work encompasses urban surfaces and urbanscapes, street scenes, and daily life circumstances. See a selection of his works and read the full interview.

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