• Urbiquity Urban Lab 2018 in Milan © Urbiquity - allcitiesarebeautiful.com / #allcitiesarebeautiful

    Urbiquity Urban Lab ’18 – Residency Program in Milan

    Urbiquity, a platform for creative and critical urbanism, specialized in creating workshops and residencies in cities all over Europe, is now organizing their fourth residency program taking place in Via Padova, Milan, from June 4 till 10, culminating in an exhibition.

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  • On monitor & color calibration w/ globellColor - © Alexandre Kurek - allcitiesarebeautiful.com / #allcitiesarebeautiful

    News & Monitor Calibration w/ globellColor *Advertorial*

    Just some numbers and facts with a couple of “Thank You”s sprinkled here and there, and a short review and recommendation of the globell Color Suite.

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  • Instagram Live Video #3 - On Self-Publishing & Print Portfolios w/ Antony Sojka

    On Self-Publishing & Print Portfolios w/ Antony Sojka

    I sat down with Berlin based documentary photographer Antony Sojka to talk about his latest journey from China to Inner Mongolia, some of his current & past projects, and the importance of self-publishing photo books and print portfolios.

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  • A photograph showing colorful clouds, taken on a flight to Morocco by Alexandre Kurek for the allcitiesarebeautiful Spotify playlist

    Tune in: #allcitiesarebeautiful on Spotify 💯

    What’s better than a long awaited journey to a fantastic place? A long awaited journey to a fantastic place, accompanied by fantastic music! Here’s a WIP playlist to listen to while on an airplane, train, boat, or in a car; during the day, and at night; wherever you want, whenever you want!

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  • Safelight Berlin, Online Store for analog cameras and accessories, based in Berlin ( Nikon FE2 ) - #allcitiesarebeautiful

    Safelight Berlin • MacGyver, Cameras, and Truffels?

    An exciting new project occurred in the analog photography hemisphere: Founded in April 2017, the online store Safelight Berlin is specialized in selling analog cameras and accessories. Click the “Read more” button and unravel the mysterious connection between MacGyver’s missing son, a truffle dog, and this particular online store!

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  • Reflex Camera Kickstarter Campaign

    Support the Reflex Kickstarter Campaign 💯

    Reflex is a modern update of the timeless manual SLR 35mm film camera. Distinctive in its modular design, it combines contemporary mechanical and electrical engineering with the classic design of an analogue camera, making it the first newly designed manual SLR system in over 25 years.

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  • Instagram Live Video no2 - #allcitiesarebeautiful / allcitiesarebeautiful.com

    Introduction, Website, Q&A – Instagram Live

    I’m talking about the newly launched website, how it all started, what inspired me, its features and key elements, as well as about some of the already featured international photographers, followed by a short Q&A. Thank you so much for tuning in!

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  • Berlin ✈︎ Sarajevo

    It’s funny how long it took me to actually start writing something that was initially intended just a short update on my current personal state. Although I would consider myself a heavy thinker and my own biggest critic, writing in public about myself rather than about a project or ideas, however, hasn’t really been my favorite thing to do. Was…

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  • #allcitiesarebeautiful x Grryo

    #allcitiesarebeautiful x Grryo

    As of today I am now a contributing editor at Grryo and will be publishing future articles revolving around photography over there too. I’ve already published an updated version of “Washing up a melancholic truth”, feel invited to head over there and read it – if you didn’t already, and let me know your thoughts. Thanx a lot to Simran…

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    And receive the latest news and updates only once or twice a month, directly into your inbox! Just fill in your email address, click the subscribe button, and don’t forget to check your inbox for the confirmation mail. Yep, it’s really that simple!

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  • Instagram Live Video #1 - Introduction

    Instagram Live Video #1 – Introduction

    Well, that was fun! Thank you so much for tuning in, listening, and asking your questions, I had a great time talking to you, and I’m going to do another Instagram Live Video on website launch day November 1. This time, however, I’ll save (!) and upload it to YouTube for further watchings. Instagram Live Vide #2: After Briefly introducing…

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  • Postcards Giveaway

    Postcards Giveaway

    The first set of postcards just arrived and I’m giving away 15 of them. To receive one, simply follow #allcitiesarebeautiful on Instagram, like and comment my last post over there and I’ll reach out to you! First come, first serve. Good Luck and have fun with it!

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