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In Hindsight: On mobile photography

It’s been more than eight months since I’ve been to Morocco and rediscovered photography in the form of mobile photography. What once started out by accident ( click here to read how it all started ), slowly but steady became a new habit and developed into a new and very exciting way of exploring, expressing and journaling – a try out, if you will, helping me seeing things in a new light, different perspectives and new angles – and quickly accumulating a respectable amount of some interesting and some not-so-interesting images, all shot with no particular thought or preceding idea of a certain subject.

But in this case the latter didn’t really matter anyway; it was more of an intuitive approach to photography, and my usual questions of what, where and when became nonrelevant and obsolete. I was bound to the overall narrative of my life, i.e. I rarely went out to photograph but photographed whenever I went out. This and the technical limitations of my mobile phone too – the only boundaries given – allowed me to strengthen my awareness and rely solely on my intuition.

Through mobile photography I found a way for me to 1) simplify the process of photographing and – in terms of how I see it – reducing it to one of its core values: experiencing and capturing the moment in a sincere manner – a phrase used over and over again, I know, but I’m solidifying its meaning by adding a sincere to it – and 2) avoiding the trap of being stuck in my head, which annoyingly often occurred in the past and prevented me from getting into a kind of photographic flow.

It opened me up, if you will, by setting a tight frame of actions which forced me to not only look closely at what my direct near had to offer but also to make the best out of it. Funny how sometimes the greatest limitations can lead to an actual freedom of creativity.

Text & Images © Alexandre Kurek / Shot in Essaouira

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