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Michela Locci • San Francisco

Hi, I’m Michela Locci, I’m from Cagliari in Sardinia, but I’m now based in Milan. I work in the fashion photography world as a digital operator. I’ve shot this photo in San Francisco, last october.

I was there with my partner during a road trip through California, Nevada, Utah and Arizona. It was just a holiday for us, but obviously I couldn’t move without my Fuji. I remember that I shot the picture really early in the morning; we suffered of jet lag.

What I especially enjoyed about it was the light, so different and so delicate. I was definitively in love with that! What I liked was that it transmitted a sense of silence, and this is what I want in my personal images. I’m assuming that, because of all my work in Milan is exactly the opposite. But here instead, the silence, the quiet, and the time that passes more slowly, remind me of my life back in Sardinia.

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