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Dinara Sataeva • Lyublino / Moscow

My name is Dinara, I’m a 28 years old girl from the Caucasus, who currently lives and work in Moscow. I was born in Turkmenistan, but spent my childhood in Chechnya, my grandfather’s homeland. In 1996, when the war began, I moved with my mother to Moscow, where I live now, and my grandparents moved to the region called the Caucasian Mineral Waters, so I often travel there. There are many different regions in the Caucasus with their own language and traditions, and Caucasian Mineral Waters is in the middle of them. At the moment I’m working on a zine with photos I’ve took for the last couple years in the Caucasus.

This particular photo was taken in 2016 in Lyublino, a suburban district of Moscow I was working in at that time. It was shot with an iPhone, like most of my pictures. The photo happened purely by chance: I was taking a picture of those cars as suddenly this man, wearing a yellow t-shirt, just entered the frame.

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