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Ueno Tokyo © Living Xiong - / #allcitiesarebeautiful - Community Round-Up #1

Liying Xiong – Tokyo, Japan

My name is Liying, I am a photographer based in San Diego, CA, I enjoy shooting film and the traditional process of photography. The biggest inspiration for my photography is travel and the people I meet along the way. This photo was shot in Ueno, Tokyo on a disposable camera, I was attracted by the lines, signs and people on the road.

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Potsdam, Germany © Erie Ehrenberg - / #allcitiesarebeautiful - Community Round-Up #1

Erie Ehrenberg – Potsdam, Germany

Erie Ehrenberg is a 22-year old photographer with Russian roots and a background in sociology and communication studies. With her pictures she tries to show everyday beauty that is overseen so easily in the stressed and rushed lifes we live.  Therefor she loves to capture details and the tension between humans and there natural habitat – the city. In all of her works she wants to show how she perceives the world and convey her aesthetics.

“Dreaming in public transportation” was shot spontaneously on a rainy summer day in Potsdam in 2017. It depicts a casual everyday scene. It is a perfect metapher for how society frames and limits our lifes and imagination. This picture is all about the details, so have a closer look.

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Kowloon, Hong Kong © Anaik Horii - / #allcitiesarebeautiful - Community Round-Up #1

Anaïk Horii – Hong Kong, China

I’m a Swiss amateur photographer and I like to shoot buildings and nature especially when I travel. This picture was taken in the Wong Tai Sin District of Kowloon in Hong Kong during one of my trips. Hong Kong is a very photogenic city with special colors and scenes. Here the local residents put their clothes outside on the basketball field to dry it.

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Saint Petersburg © Tatyana Palyga - / #allcitiesarebeautiful - Community Round-Up #1

Tatyana Palyga – Saint Petersburg, Russia

This month the Zoopark Publishing Collective consisting of two Russian photographers Tatyana Palyga and Alexander Bondar created a new visual platform called RU Time Capsule where they are showing their unpublished photos taken on film in Russia since mid-2000. It is not a photographic project as such: for them it is considered as means to revisit their archives and share the visual landscape of that period and their nostalgic feeling to it. This photo was taken in Saint Petersrburg, Russia in the summer of 2011, on a busstop Nevsky Prospect in the city center.

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Velodrom Berlin, Germany © Paul Weinhonig - / #allcitiesarebeautiful - Community Round-Up #1

Paul Weinhonig – Berlin, Germany

My Name is Paul Weinhonig, I am 27, currently living with my gilfriend and daughter in Berlin, Germany. I carry a (or several) camera(s) with me everyday and developed somewhat of an addiction towards photography over the course of my life. I’m drawn to deep shadows and shapes that evoke a feeling I can not precisely describe but I love to make compositions where a lot is implied but not really explained.

The picture was taken on a early sunday morning, if I remember correctly. I had two hours of free time and was drawn to the harsh sun light and the long shadows it produced, as I always am! I took several shots of this particular scene not far from my home near the entrance and parking complex of a large sports and swimming facility, the Velodrom in Prenzlauer Berg. The geometrical shapes that were formed by the interplay of the lights, shadows and architecture really excited me. This was one of these days were I had more potential keepers than usual. Everything on that morning seemed to be exactly how it’s supposed to be.

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Beirut, Lebanon © Polly Tootal - / #allcitiesarebeautiful - Community Round-Up #1

Polly Tootal – Beirut, Lebanon

Polly Tootal has lived and worked in London since graduating from the University of Brighton in 2001, having studied Editorial Photography under Magnum photographer Mark Power. Since 2000 Tootal’s topographic project Somewhere in England has taken her travelling to undisclosed anonymous landscapes, shooting mainly at dawn or twilight, so that these public spaces devoid of people appear otherworldly. Using a medium–format Arca Swiss camera allows for large highly detailed images that emphasise architectural structure and the lay of the land – an approach influenced by the work of Bernd & Hilla Becher and Lewis Batlz.

This photo was taken in Beirut in December 2016. For 3 hours each day the power goes out in the city and people have to rely on more expensive unregulated diesel run generators the kind that were used during the war which pump fumes into the atmosphere. My series of images are about the dark hours of Beirut looking at the people and the landscape of the city. I stood in a thunderstorm for over an hour getting completely soaking wet to get this shot.

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