Charlotte Schreiber • Tokyo

Please introduce yourself: what’s your name, where are you from, what do you do?

Hellow, my name is Charlotte Schreiber, I live in Hamburg, Germany and I’m a photographer.

What is your relationship with photography? How did you get into it & and what keeps you interested/ motivated?

Well, what’s my relationship with photography – on one hand it’s my day to day job and sometimes I’m very good at keeping it solely that way. On the other hand, and I guess that’s something you need to have to keep it going in the daily hustle, I see and experience life mostly visually. I get excited by moments I witness or the light reflections that I chase throughout the day, I want to capture that, I literally have the urge to, and I’ve trained my eye to see moments or a certain scenery as photographs. That’s an exciting thing but also sad sometimes because I feel like I’ve forgotten how to just look at the world, just observe it, without turning it into this image I project onto film/pixels. I’ve always been a good observer of the little things, as a child I would mostly put these moments and observations into words, little stories. In high school I basically more or less accidentally found out that I might even be better in capturing my world with photography than using words and I just kept going forward from there on.

I think still being excited about these little things, like the sun stroking someone’s face or the graphic accent of a certain surrounding, keeps me interested. Being able to pay rent with doing so keeps me even more motivated.

What are you currently working on, and – if there is – what is your next project/ journey?

I’m not really working on something big in particular, I have a few projects that are not commissioned and on hold some where but I might never finish them. I’m going to South America soon though and you never know what that will bring. 🙂

Thank you very much Charlotte!

All of the above images where taken in Japan where Charlotte spent 44 days traveling from Tokyo to Okinawa and back. She successfully funded her Kickstarter campaign and turned her images into a beautiful photo book called LOOKING UP TO THE SUN THROUGH TEARS. You can buy it here →

Visit her Website →, and follow Charlotte Schreiber on Instagram → @charlotteschreiber

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