• The Homage Project © Courtney Banker / Andrew Lesmes - allcitiesarebeautiful.com / #allcitiesarebeautiful

    Fostering Families and Neighborhoods – The Vietnamese Tube House

    Perhaps just as iconic to the Vietnamese aesthetic as motorbikes are tube houses: spindly and impossibly narrow towers that stretch three, four, five, sometimes eight stories tall, and are the predominant residential structure throughout the country’s urban areas.

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  • The Flaneur – On the art of exploring a city

    We’re rushing through streets nearly every day, trying to get from A to B in the fastest way possible. Hectic is our constant companion on our day to day tours, causing stress, exhaustion and even anxiety, with no remorse, which is especially the case when you’re living in bigger cities like Berlin, for example.

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  • Herten, a small, former industrial town in Nord Rhein Westfalen, Germany - shown in the article urban photography by Alexandre Kurek, #allcitiesarebeautiful

    Urban Photography – On revisiting my past

    Throughout my whole child- and youthhood, urban photography unknowingly played a major role in my life. I‘ve actively experienced, and later, partially documented the alteration of my hometown through people’s choices. Read my essay and find out why that is, and how things came to be as they are now.

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  • In Hindsight: On mobile photography

    It’s been more than eight months since I’ve been to Morocco and rediscovered photography in the form of mobile photography. What once started out by accident, slowly but steady became a new habit and developed into a new and very exciting way of exploring, expressing and journaling.

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  • Mobile Photography – Why I started using my iPhone

    Well, there is a pretty simple and reasonable explanation to this: I started shooting with my iPhone because I’m lazy! But don’t get me wrong I mean lazy in a practical way. I just grew tired of having to carry my heavy and bulky camera around with me all the time, trying hard to not look like a photographer, only…

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  • A rainy day in Marrakech - Essay © Alexandre Kurek - A black and white image of a palm on a square in Marrakech, Morocco - © Alexandre Kurek - allcitiesarebeautiful.com

    Washing up a melancholic Truth – A rainy day in Marrakech

    It was almost as if the rain had washed away any traces of an identity we – the tourists, travelers, photographers, writers – gave Marrakech over the years. and had now revealed a much more accurate truth of a city usually depicted as way more colorful and exciting than it really is.

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