Tune in: #allcitiesarebeautiful on Spotify 💯


What’s better than a long awaited journey to a fantastic place? A long awaited journey to a fantastic place, accompanied by fantastic music! Here’s a Spotify playlist to listen to while on an airplane, train, boat, or in a car; during the day, and at night; wherever you want, whenever you want!

I carefully curated this Spotify playlist – a musical journey through different genres, soundscapes, and worlds – to encourage any listener to just lean back for a while and enjoy the ride, whether you’re actually on the move, at home, or at work. Starting off with Childish Gambino and Niki & the Dove, this voyage takes you quite far around to Artists like King Krule, MF Doom, Steve Lacy, Beak>, Mac Demarco, Hollie Cook, Yussef Lateef, Curtis Mayfield, Bonnie Banane, and is ending with Jamie Woon and Daft Punk. I will constantly update it throughout time, and provide you with new music to discover and listen to.

Follow the #allcitiesarebeautiful playlist and treat yourself!

Cover Image © Alexandre Kurek

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