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  • © Johann Husser - / #allcitiesarebeautiful

    Johann Husser • On the Edges of an Idea

    The work on the edges of an idea / An den Rändern einer Idee, by Johann Husser, is a photographic study of urban utopias. With the idea of the Ruhrcity in mind, the project focuses on the city’s outlying suburbs and the peripheral structure of the region.

  • Greetings from Turkey © Norman Behrendt - / #allcitiesarebeautiful

    Brave New Turkey • Norman Behrendt

    Brave New Turkey is based on a conceptual approach to documenting newly built mosques in a Neo-Ottoman-Style in the urban landscape of Ankara and Istanbul and reflects this phenomenon as a symbol of change and power that reaches beyond national borders.

  • Mukhiani © Felix von der Osten - / #allcitiesarebeautiful

    Felix von der Osten • Mukhiani

    Mukhiani, a micro-district inside the Georgian capital Tbilisi, remains home for generations and generations of Families living in Soviet-style concrete housings. Cologne-based photographer Felix von der Osten shot a beautiful series documenting life in Mukhiani.

  • Frantic City / Hong Kong, China © Zhou HanShun - / #allcitiesarebeautiful

    Zhou HanShun • Frenetic City

    People go through life in an uncompromising, chaotic pace, overcoming and absorbing anything in their path. Time in the city seem to flow quicker, memories in the city tend to fade away faster. Nothing seems to stand still in a city.

  • South Korea © Dustin Thiery - / #allcitiesarebeautiful

    Round-Up #5 • 20180729

    From South Korea to California, Mexico, Spain, France, and Romania: the #allcitiesarebeautiful Round-Up #5 features some truly beautiful images by Dustin Thiery, Maeve von Ungern-Tannenberg, Nathalie Dittombé, Janette Tran, Mark Metzner, Lidia Lucaciu, and Michel O’Hara.

  • California Squares © Tim Ronca - / #allcitiesarebeautiful

    Tim Ronca • California Squares

    Having recently moved to Los Angeles and trying to make sense of his new surroundings, photographer Tim Ronca has a special interest in photographing the Californian way of life – the car culture and the desert landscape – culminating in his beautiful series California Squares.

  • © Emily Nareja - / #allcitiesarebeautiful

    Emily Najera • West Grand

    Artist and educator Emily Najera documents West Grand, a Midwest neighborhood rich in history and cultural identity, located on the northwest side of Grand Rapids, Michigan. A neighborhood threatened to lose its distinct identity through the process of revitalization and redevelopment.

  • City Space © Clarissa Bonet - / #allcitiesarebeautiful

    Clarissa Bonet • Chicago

    The beautiful works of Chicago based artist Clarissa Bonet, explore aspects of urban space in both a physical and psychological context – for almost a decade, the city has been her subject. She uses photography to process her experiences and understand the ever-shifting urban space she inhabits.

  • Sharing is Scary Zine © Lena Matrosova & Caro Tolkemit - / #allcitiesarebeautiful

    Sharing is Scary DIY Zine

    What bridges the gap between a good body of work and photos you wouldn’t consider publishing? This is the central question of Lena Matrosova’s and Caro Tolkemit’s DIY photo-zine project Sharing is Scary. Their goal: featuring never published material thus releasing them from their tomb – the photographic archive.

  • Los Angeles & Portland © Matthieu Vivinis - / #allcitiesarebeautiful

    Matthieu Vivinis • Los Angeles & Portland

    Paris based art director Matthieu Vivinis explored Los Angeles and Portland on his last journey and photographed both cities solely with his iPhone. In his interview, he shares his sightings alongside some beautiful and personal background information.

  • Better Days © Seunggu Kim - / #allcitiesarebeautiful

    Seunggu Kim • Better Days

    Due to Korea’s rapid development over the last 40 years, and by mixing up western and Korean culture, abstruse and sometimes even contradictory situations occur heavily. In his body of work, Seoul based photographer Seunggu Kim explores those situations on a grander and more distant scale, humorously pointing out the resulting social irony.

  • © Joshua Marcotte - / #allcitiesarebeautiful

    Joshua Marcotte • San Jose

    Photographer, historian, preservationist, and self-proclaimed hoarder from San Jose, Joshua Marcotte, photographs the fragments that make up the shifting world around him. See a selection of his works shot in San Jose, Reno, Gilroy and Morgan Hill.

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