• The cover of Denton, a photo book made by Austin Perrotta and shot in Denton Texas, USA

    Denton, TX • Photographs by Austin Perrotta

    In August 2017, New York City based photographer Austin Perrotta, travelled to Denton, Texas to document the North Texas Rodeo & State Fair. He states, “what made this small Texas town so special was that it felt as though it was stuck 40-50 years in the past”, and his zine is intended to exemplify the…

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  • Here is New York by E.B. White

    Here is New York • E.B. White

    I’ve read this book quite a few times now, and still, it never ceases to amaze me, over and over again. This remarkably beautiful love letter to New York – it was written in a Hotel room, during E.B. White’s visit in the summer of 1949 – instantly takes you on a stroll through a…

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  • Zoopark Magazine #1

    Zoopark Magazine is a collaborative project of the two Russian photographers, Tatyana Palyga and Alexander Bondar. The project is based on a dialog between photographs of the two authors, including the interplay of meanings at the junction of photography, text, and graphic art. Under The Cover: 32 photos / 34 pages / uncoated paper 160…

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  • Blind Spot by Teju Cole on #allcitiesarebeautiful

    Blind Spot • Teju Cole

    Teju Cole ’s third entry in my personal book collection, consisting of his previous books Open Citiy and Known and Strange Things, is a remarkable collection of sights and thoughts, gathered throughout his journeys around the world. He has a fantastically unique ability to associate things he’s seen, with things he knows, sightings with knowledge;…

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  • RUSSIANS • Photographs by Rats Eyes

    My friend and fellow Photographer Tony Klein, aka. Rats Eyes, published his second Zine called RUSSIANS, a self printed collection of photos he shot over the course of one week, during his stay in Moscow and St. Petersburg in mid 2017. Out of 10 rolls of self developed Ilford HP5s, he scanned and layouted his…

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